HOA Board Members:
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Alex Hill, President  *    

Don Czelusniak, Vice President    *

Phyllis Thompson, Secretary     *

Gloria Green, Pool    

Bob Oroszi, Treasurer/ Membership    *

Susan Hull, Newsletter

Brian Marx

George Mercado, Grievances   

Michelle Hartl, Architectural Committee

Welcome Committee - Mary Ann Tolar

Website - Janet Cummings

Resale Certificates and Real Estate Sale information - Janet Cummings


Blanco Woods HOA is a Mandatory Association

With the filing of a court-certified document on November 17, 2010, all five units in Blanco Woods are now subject to an amended covenant that requires all homeowners to pay mandatory dues assessments ANNUALLY beginning January 1, 2011.  Even with the pool and tennis courts, our HOA fee remains one of the lowest in the area!  Your neighboring subdivision is $350.00 annually - with no amenities but a closing gate.

Your HOA Board is working very hard for you and will continue to keep the neighborhood looking great - even as it now ages up to 30 years!  Things do grow old and obsolete and break down, so our first goal is to keep up the maintenance in the neighborhood to keep it at the high standard you saw when you bought into Blanco Woods.  We are here, working responsibly for  you.

Blanco Woods
Board of Directors
and Committee Members

HOA BOARD MEETINGS: Your Board is working hard for you! 

Please try to come to one or more of our meetings.  Members are welcome to sit in on a Board Meeting at any time.  If you wish to speak at one, you must make prior arrangements with the President.

All meetings are to be held at 7:00 p.m. (promptly) at the First Presbyterian Church on the corner of Blanco Road and Blanco Woods St.  Please be present prior to 7:00 p.m.

Your HOA Board and Committee Members try hard to keep your home values up by enforcing the by-laws and covenants of the HOA.  They are on this web site if you would like to read them.


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